A Weekend Getaway

My sister and I (well it was more me dragging my sister along) decided to take a spontaneous trip to NYC to go on a foodie adventure. Took a red eye flight on Delta and arrived in NYC around 6am-ish. We slept most of the time so it was an uneventful flight.

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Last Stop: Atlanta, Georgia (Pt 3) – Georgia Aquarium

(Click here for part 1 and part 2)

For lunch, we found ourselves at Sway – the place with the best fried chicken (says yelp) we could find in the area. I felt really happy because we were not disappointed. The fried chicken was the best I’ve ever had.

We got fried green tomatoes as an appetizer and I ordered a pork belly sandwich since my coworker and I were going to share anyways (she got the fried chicken). I didn’t really like my sandwich that much. Probably because it kinda looked like a vietnamese sandwich. I lost my appetite just looking at it. (I cannot eat vietnamese sandwiches. There’s a story behind why but that’s for another day~)

Sway 01 Sway 02 Sway 03 Sway 04

Now off to the aquarium! I didn’t realize it was right next to the coca-cola factory lol. If we had known earlier, we would have planned to go to the aquarium first just because I came out of the coca-cola gift shop for gifts for everyone and their moms ^~^;;

Georgia Aquarium 01

One of my favorite pictures hehe (*^▽^)/

Georgia Aquarium 02 Georgia Aquarium 03 Georgia Aquarium 04

The glass around the otters was a little murky because of the water so I couldn’t get a clear shot. Kind of sad but oh wells. Otters are so cute~~

Georgia Aquarium 05 Georgia Aquarium 06

Another one of my favorite shots from that day~ I don’t know why but I just really like this shot. (´∀`)♡

Georgia Aquarium 07 Georgia Aquarium 08 Georgia Aquarium 09 Georgia Aquarium 10 Georgia Aquarium 11

Jellyfish! I love jellyfishes~ so pretty~

Georgia Aquarium 12

I found nemo guys haha

Georgia Aquarium 13

And that’s it for my Atlanta trip! I had a fun playdate and also had fun testing out my sister’s Sony A5100~ Looking forward to my next adventures! Thank you for reading~!

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Last Stop: Atlanta, Georgia (Pt 2) – The Coca-Cola Factory

(For part 1, please click here!)

Thankfully, Atlanta was just a two day event and we ended on Saturday night. So it left Sunday free for us. Instead of flying home with the boss and other staff in the morning, my coworker and I decided to fly out later in the evening so that we can play a little bit during the day.

First stop: The Coca-Cola Factory! I was soooo excited!

Coca-Cola Factory 01 Coca-Cola Factory 02 Coca-Cola Factory 03 Coca-Cola Factory 04 Coca-Cola Factory 05 Coca-Cola Factory 06 Coca-Cola Factory 07 Coca-Cola Factory 08 Coca-Cola Factory 09 Coca-Cola Factory 10 Coca-Cola Factory 11

Inside the vault. It was a pretty cool experience. I felt like I just walked through the history of coke. It was interesting. At first, I thought it was just an act of some sort since they were going on about us being able to see the secret recipe. (In my head, I was thinking its not much of a secret of they’re showing it to everyone) but they actually showed us the vault that contained the secret formula (and not the actual recipe lol).

Coca-Cola Factory 12

Said vault~ Only had about a minute to look and take pictures before they urge us all out.

Coca-Cola Factory 13

The most exciting part of the trip! (*≧▽≦)

I thought it was tasting different flavors of coke but it was actually tasting the different sodas that have been released by the coca-cola brand. Tried so many different sodas. Did not like a lot of them.

Coca-Cola Factory 14 Coca-Cola Factory 15

Each station was sorted by continent and there were labels of which country the flavor was from. I don’t know what was up with the Beverly flavor (wasn’t paying attention when they talked about it lol) but it tasted like soju. It was so gross! I had to wash it out immediately.

Coca-Cola Factory 16 Coca-Cola Factory 17 Coca-Cola Factory 18

There were normal stuff of course~ vanilla and cherry coke…brings me back to childhood days haha.

Coca-Cola Factory 19 Coca-Cola Factory 20 Coca-Cola Factory 21

Outside, they set up these vending like machines for people to print their names on the cans for free (limited to two). My sister specially requested for this, so I stood in line for 45 minutes, in 90 degrees weather for it. I didn’t really care to print one with my name, but if you know me…this wouldn’t have come to a surprise to you haha. Cheers! ♥

Coca-Cola Factory 22

click here for pt 3 of my trip: georgia aquarium

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Last Stop: Atlanta, Georgia (Pt 1)

With Atlanta being the last and largest event in the tour, my more experienced coworker came with me. With her there, she basically took over and I didn’t have to do anything really except for those few crazy hours during registration. For the most part, I just sat outside at the registration desk telling people who asked where the bathroom was.
Atlanta 07

Our hotel room at the Westin Peachtree. This hotel place is so nice~ and the view was amazing!

Atlanta 01 Atlanta 02 Atlanta 03

On the day we arrived, there was no work planned after dinner so we went out and walked around a bit around downtown. There wasn’t much to do as everything closed early (around 6pm) so that was a bummer. We did see this awesome horse carriage though! Hehe, wish I had gone for a ride.

Atlanta 08

Chilled at the Sun Dial restaurant on top of the hotel on our first night. Ambiance was nice and it was pretty cool rotating. What was not fun was going up the elevator. The restaurant is on the 72nd floor and there’s a special elevator that brings you up. A couple got onto the elevator with us and told us that they got stuck around the 60th floor the previous night for a few hours. I am scared of heights and this terrified me! After a certain level, I could not look outside/down anymore and was just staring at the elevator doors and praying we don’t get stuck ><

Sun Dial 01

I got some fruity drink while my coworker got a chocolaty one. Both were tasty!

Sun Dial 02

Appetizers ordered: shrimp corn dogs (my fave!), crab cake (it was alright), and a chocolate lava cake (huge disappointment)

Sun Dial 03 Sun Dial 04 Sun Dial 05 Sun Dial 06

Room service as a second dinner on our second day because I was hungry again at 11pm. Fried calamari and steak frites~ヽ(^。^)丿

Atlanta 04 Atlanta 05

Was looking for places to eat and found this tiny place nearby the hotel called The Food Shoppe. Ratings on Yelp was decent and I’ve never had Cajun/Creole food before so I was excited.

People were raving about the chicken mac and cheese and they did not lie. That stuff was sooooo good!! Personally, I liked the creole chicken pasta because there was a spicy kick to it. I didn’t like the bread pudding that much because it was wayyyyy too sweet. It was my first time eating it so I really didn’t know what to expect. We ended up giving it away to a team member lol.

The Food Shoppe  03
Chicken Mac & Cheese
The Food Shoppe  01
Yaya Pasta (Shrimp and Sausage)
The Food Shoppe  02
Creole Chicken Pasta
The Food Shoppe  04
Bread Pudding
The Food Shoppe  05
Creole Potatoes

During working hours: listened to music to try to kill time. ♪

Atlanta 06 Atlanta 09

click here for pt 2 of my trip: the coca-cola factory ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

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[Mobile Update] Hello Edmonton!

So after Cleveland, we were off to Edmonton for the next event. I was told there was nothing to do or see in Edmonton. What they said was right. Our hotel was in the middle of nowhere! I couldn’t even go out and explore in my downtime. Thankfully, there was wifi throughout the whole hotel. I honestly would have died of boredom if I had no wifi since I couldn’t use my data in Canada.


Around 2AM the first night I was there, there was this crazy (drunk) lady outside, screaming and banging to be let into her room. It scared the shit out of me. Security was called but the lady came back, screaming again around 3am. I had just fallen asleep again but she woke me up with her banging. By then, I was half scared and half annoyed and security was called again. They eventually got her to go away or shut up but I was pissed since I had to be up at 5:30AM.

Ice Caps

The next morning, the kind Canadians brought us Ice Caps! ICE CAPS! I love this stuff! The only reason I was looking forward to going to Canada. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

The sun setting at 10PM. First time experiencing such a late sunset. So strange…

When the event was finally over, we all went out for lunch at Oranj before our flight. Got sushi at the West Edmonton Mall (apparently, it’s the biggest mall in North America; It’s also Edmonton’s only tourist trap haha)

Fried scallops
Salmon tataki
Beef tataki
Salmon sushi cake. So. Filling!

Oranj-4 Oranj-5
After lunch, I got a quick tour of the mall since I had to head to the airport earlier. They have an indoor swimming pool/water park, indoor ice-skating rink, indoor amusement park, and this giant ship in the middle of the mall!

West Edmonton Mall-1 West Edmonton Mall-2 West Edmonton Mall-5 West Edmonton Mall-3 West Edmonton Mall-4

Wish I had more time to explore the mall but oh wells.

Had a layover in Vancouver. Since I couldn’t find a Tim Hortons at the Edmonton airport, I had to find one at the Vancouver one. I wanted to buy the nutella doughnuts but they were out by the time I was there (around 7pm) so I settled with the Oreo Ice Cap. Oh my god…the oreo ice cap is so so sooooooo good! Why do we not have a Tim Hortons here?!

Oreo Ice Cap

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