Friday Adventures

Met up with a friend downtown after work on Friday to check out Memebox’s pop up store. Sadly it was a soft opening and had barely any products. We were in and out in about five minutes. Was a bit disappointed. Hoping they’ll be stocking up on much more products when the Black Friday sales hit.

Walked by another new pop up store called BoxLunch and had to check it out. It had a lot of novelty items in it that I found was perfect for white elephant gifts. Depending on if our families will be gathering for Christmas, I will probably come back for a gift.


Wasn’t planning on getting anything. (I’m on a self imposed shopping ban – bad time really but I’ve been spending waaaay too much and I would like to get my credit cards back under control.) But then my friend showed me this adorable angry kitty and I knew I just had to have it! Hello new food buddy~hehe


The cool thing with BoxLunch is that they donate a meal with every purchase you make so it helped a bit with the guilt to know that my purchase was helping a good cause? Heh ^^;;

After our brief shopping, we went to Tacorea. I’ve been meaning to check this place out since I heard of its opening! Korean-Mexican fusion! The place was pretty small and packed but luckily we managed to get a seat. Prices weren’t bad. We ended up getting this tater tots nachos and four tacos. The food was really good but sadly, because I ate a little bit before our meet up, I wasn’t that hungry so I couldn’t eat much.


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