{UNBOXING} Beauteque August 2016

Beep boop. Here’s Beauteque~

{Aug} Beauteque-1

Product card:

{Aug} Beauteque-8

Inner Skin 3-Step Hydration Mask$3.70
Includes essence, eye patch, and a sheet mask! This is the second item from this brand that I’ve received so I think I might look into this brand a bit more when I have free time.

{Aug} Beauteque-2

The Face Shop Mini Capsule Pack in Pomegranate $0.60
On the product card, it says I’m supposed to get a mystery lip product and it got me tripping because I couldn’t find it. Turns out I got this wash off pack instead. Not complaining. I have too many lip products already. I’d take a face pack over lippies any day! ^^

{Aug} Beauteque-3

Deoproce Green Tea Essence Moisture Toner$14
Such an elegant bottle haha. Might be able to get around to trying it out sooner than later since I’m running out of my current toner~

{Aug} Beauteque-4

Ladykin Elmaju Cactus Aqua Cream$15.20
Hmmm good for hydration and oil control. It is coming from a cactus so hydration should be a no brainer.

{Aug} Beauteque-5

Plush Headband$5
Can’t read the japanese on this so I can’t really tell what the exact brand is lol but this looks cute~ another headband to use to keep my hair out of my face when cleansing.

{Aug} Beauteque-6

Tsaio Pore Clear Treatment Set$10.90
Taiwanese brand. This 2-step includes a tonic and t-zone mask to extract sebaceous filaments and blackheads. Hmm…I wonder how well this works. Pimple tonic and a peeling mask…

{Aug} Beauteque-7

This bag has a total real value of $49.40. There’s a good mix of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese brands in this month’s bag (vs the previous bags where it was mostly korean). Just noticed that this bag was straight up only skincare. I think this is the first time I’ve experienced this for Beauteque. Usually there’s at least one or two makeup products. Oh wells~


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