{UNBOXING} Glossybox August 2016

Woot! We are now on to August’s boxes! (lol I was actually worrying earlier this week that I might fall into the lazy hole again and that the july/aug boxes might never see the light of day like the few feb/mar boxes I still have stacked on my desk next to me OTL)

{Aug} Glossybox-1

The product card is in a booklet form this month! Looks like there’s more info added.

{Aug} Glossybox-8

Invisibobble The Traceless Hair Ring$3
This is really comfy and doesn’t hurt when I tie it tighter.

{Aug} Glossybox-2

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil$20
Hair oil! Good for smoothing and heat protection~

{Aug} Glossybox-3

De Bruyere After Sun Lotion Monoi$12
After sun lotion…haha this is the first time I’ve heard of this. Too bad SF rarely gets sun. Actually, I don’t even go out all that often so it wouldn’t even matter if SF got sun or not lol. Maybe I’ll save this for when I do go to any sunny places in the future~

{Aug} Glossybox-4

Borghese Brightening Mud Mask for Face and Body$5.30
I don’t think this is enough for my  body…but it seems like a good few uses for my face haha

{Aug} Glossybox-5

Too Faced Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil$3
I’ve never had trouble removing mascara…but this sounds fun to play with! ^^

{Aug} Glossybox-6

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream in Exotic Foods$19
Didn’t even open this yet lol too many lip products to go through. But the packaging is so freaking cute!

{Aug} Glossybox-7

This box has a total real value of $62.30. Always love Glossybox~they have a good value for their products! ^^ Though this month, I got a lot of iffy products that I’m not sure that I’ll get to use any time soon.


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