{UNBOXING} Beauteque July 2016

Didn’t have time to post these before my trip so here this are…in September lol. Super late but what else is new? Haha, luckily it’s a three day weekend and I’m in a productive mood so hopefully I’ll be able to get everything written and queued up before the September boxes start coming in~

{July} Beauteque-1

Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin$8
This is an all-in-one skincare pack that includes a foam cleanser, ampoule, sheet mask, face cream, and neck cream. Perfect for traveling on long flights. Could’ve used this on my flight to Asia but being the lazy butt in the window seat, I didn’t want to inconvenience my seatmates by getting up to do this during the flight so I kept it at home. Maybe I’ll pull it out for short weekend trips. Or maybe I’ll just use it one day when I feel like it at home. Who knows~

{July} Beauteque-2

Inner Skin Soothing Cleansing Water$12
This reminds me of the biotherm cleansing water. (It’s probably a knockoff version, considering it’s a chinese brand lol) Now this, I brought with me on my vacation. Works well removing my makeup and keeping my skin moisturized. But the funny thing is, ever since I returned home, the bottom of the bottle has been leaking?? Idk what happened during the flight and how it’s leaking but it is and it’s a strangely slow process too like it’s just small amounts seeping out over a few days. I’ve got about a quarter of this product left so I’m trying to use it up asap.

{July} Beauteque-3

Milky Dress Deo Essence Soft Armpit Cream$15
This is supposed to lighten/brighten your armpits after it darkens from shaving. I pluck so this isn’t really a problem for me. Wonder if this is gentle enough for dark spots on my face…

{July} Beauteque-4

Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Lip Tint Pack in Scarlet Red$6.80
This is a peel-off lip tint! I’ve heard about this and have been meaning to try it out. One day though…lol. Testing it out on my wrist right now and it’s like cherry flavored popsicle (ice lollies!!) red.

{July} Beauteque-5

Light-Blocking sleeping Eye Mask$5
I don’t use eye masks…

{July} Beauteque-6

Esfolio Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera$11
I have enough aloe vera tubes/tubs to last a lifetime. (Seriously…) When will I ever use them all up…I should start using them on my body.

{July} Beauteque-7

July bag’s total real value is about $57.80 and I found about 4 out of the 6 products usable to me. It’s been more than half a year since I started this sub and tbh I’m pretty satisfied with it. I’m liking all the new products I’m being introduced to and the fact that they’re full sized too so it lasts quite a while. I am generally getting my money’s worth (at least I think I am) so I’m happy. ^^


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