{UNBOXING} Glossybox June 2016

I feel like in between every box there’s a new game or drama that catches my attention – hence why there are weeks in between each post lol.

But here is the last box for June~(just in time as July boxes start rolling in~)

{June} GlossyBox

Le product card~

{June} GlossyBox-10

Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara$19
Another mascara! Just exactly what I wanted~! Lol seriously, I have enough mascaras to last me a lifetime considering I don’t even use them often. This one is another long-lasting waterproof mascara – what mascara isn’t waterproof nowadays?

{June} GlossyBox-7

Caolion Premium 02 Bubble & Cool Pore Pack Duo $6.85
This k-beauty item surprised me! When I first saw it, I thought the packaging was ridiculously cute~ then I turned it around and saw korean words and was like wtf? But of course, there are english instructions. This kinda reminds me of the carbonated bubble clay mask because it supposedly bubbles. Well…it would be interesting to use~

{June} GlossyBox-8

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray$2.70
Hairspray~! I like hairsprays~ I don’t use them often so these small travel sizes last me quite a while ^^

{June} GlossyBox-2

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Hair Oil$1.00
I’m pretty happy with my Nature Republic Argon hair oil right now so I wonder how this will measure up to it. The product card has a tip to mix it in with a moisturizing conditioner and let it sit as a hair mask for 5-10 minutes. Hmm…maybe on one of my spa days (when I’m not being lazy ^^;;)

{June} GlossyBox-9

Lue By Jean Seo Clear Spot Control$15
Hmm…this is supposed to “fight cystic acne before it breaks the surface of the skin with 12 potent herbs”. Well considering all I get are cystic acne, maybe I’ll give this a try tonight! (I have a huge one right on my chin T.T)

{June} GlossyBox-5

LA Splash Lip Lacquer in Sugar Rush$13
Is lip lacquer supposed to be like lip gloss? I should look this up…but I like this color! It looks pretty when I swatched it. Might try it out tomorrow~ it’s like a brick red? Or maybe orange red? Hmm…

(Is this product discontinued? I couldn’t find any info on this at all on their website :\)

{June} GlossyBox-3{June} GlossyBox-4

Tantowel Half Body Classic$5.40 ($2.70ea)
Self…tanning…towelettes…? What….? THIS IS SO INTERESTING WOW. Isn’t it kind of like applying foundation to your body though? Lol. Wow, I didn’t know this was a thing. Personally, I’m not too crazy about being tan so I might give these away.

{June} GlossyBox-6

June’s box has a total real value of $62.95. Really looking forward to trying some of the products (especially the pore pack)! The lip gloss though makes me feel a bit iffy considering I couldn’t find it at all on their website. Sketchyyyyy. Don’t know if I should be risking it by using it on my lips or just tossing it out. Any advice?


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