{UNBOXING} Beauteque June 2016

And I thought I could get all of June’s unboxing posted on time lol yeah right. Anyways, here is June’s bag~ Desserts for your skin!

{June} Beauteque

(Crap, I forgot to take a picture of the product card. Or I did and just accidentally deleted it when I was doing some cleaning on my laptop. Meh. Let’s just pretend it’s here ^^;;) But here’s a picture of the lovely bag~

{June} Beauteque-2

Beauty Blender Sponge$9
Yay! Another beauty blender~ ^^ While I like beauty blenders, I don’t really use them because I’m lazy af and don’t really clean my brushes and beauty blenders as often as I should. These past couple of months I’ve switch to using disposable makeup sponges. Works really well and I can just toss it out after I’m done so I’m happy 😀 This blender feels a bit more rubbery and stiffer than the branded version.

{June} Beauteque-10

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask$5.50
I’ve heard really good things about this black sugar line. Reluctant to try it out now because of my past experiences with skinfood (plus my skin is actually good now and I would like to keep it that way until after my vacation!) so I might test this product out sometime later.

{June} Beauteque-3

The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream$7.50
OMG I LOVE THIS IT SMELLS SO GOODDDD!! I love coconut scented things and this hand cream is super coconut scented. A little bit thick when swiping some out of the pot but it glides on smoothly. My hand feels and looks slightly greasy afterwards though. And although the packaging is cute, I’m not a fan of dipping my fingers into the pot every time I want to use this; I prefer squeeze tubes but with the scent and the cute packaging, I’m sure I could over look it this one time~

{June} Beauteque-7{June} Beauteque-8{June} Beauteque-9

Purederm vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey$4.00
I’ve actually received this before in one of my first boxes with Beauteque. This is for color treated, bleached, or permed hair. Never got around to using it when I had bleached all my hair last year and now I have another pack. Might use it next time I get my hair done again. I mean, it is about time for me to recolor my hair anyways.

{June} Beauteque-11

Holika Holika Cover Hiding Stick Concealer No. 2$9.65
I’m looking at this and the first thing I see is that the expiration date isn’t until 2018. Woot! That gives me plenty of time to go through the current concealers I have already first. ^^

{June} Beauteque-6

Holika Holika Desert Time Lip Balm in 01 Red Cupcake$8.65
The packaging design of this product is so cute!! When I open it up, it kind of reminds me of a reeses cup though…lol. I think it’s the brown “cup” part. Anywaaaaaay….again, not a fan of potted things. Lip balm in any other form other than a stick is huge NO for me based on hygienic reasons alone. I don’t want to have to go wash my hands every time I want to use this balm ):

{June} Beauteque-4{June} Beauteque-5

June’s bag has a total real value of about $44.30. The value is consistent with this bag and I like that most (if not all) the items are usually full sized items. Not as much makeup items in this bag this time round so I’m a little sad but overall, I think this month’s bag was alright. Looking forward to next months~


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