{UNBOXING} Jini Beauty June 2016

Weeeee here comes the next round of unboxings for June~

Please keep in mind Jini Beauty has four different boxes for different skin types. This is the box for the oily/acne-prone skin type.

{June} Jini Beauty

Mediheal Piggy Mom SoakSoak Nose Pack$2.50
Tried this out last night since my nose was feel extra bumpy lately. I know pore strips are like the worst ideas ever but I just couldn’t take my bumpy nose anymore. It was bothering the hell out of me. Anyways, I’ve never tried this three-step pore strips before. Pretty interesting. The first patch is like a sheet mask for just your nose, designed to “melt” impurities clogging your nose. The second strip was the actual pore strip. It actually took out more stuff than a normal pore strip but still, wasn’t that much. The last step was a pore “tightening patch”. It was gelly and slimey and kind of kept slipping on my nose if I didn’t stay still. Not sure if it tightened my pores but it did soothe the redness after peeling the previous strip off.

{June} Jini Beauty-2

Holika Holika Glitter Nails in GT04 Flower Shower$5.50
Glitters and sparkles~ this is really pretty. Might try this out on my own nails one of these days~

{June} Jini Beauty-6

It’s Skin Todak Todak Pack$4.90
I was just looking through all my beauty subs samples/products for a clay mask last week. Didn’t find one. I was super shocked. Been looking for a new clay mask so this one came at the right time! ^^ I wonder if this is resealable or will I need to decant it because I know for sure I’m not gonna use all this at once.

{June} Jini Beauty-3

PETITFEE Gold & EGF Premium Eye Patch$9.50
I’m not really big on eye creams since I don’t have major eye bag problems. But this product sounds interesting. It’s infused with epidermal growth factor (idk what this is) and pure gold that is supposed to help stimulate cells and restore elasticity. Supposed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. I saw one of my favorite youtube beauty gurus use some kind of eye patch before and was curious about it so this is my chance to try it out~

{June} Jini Beauty-7

NEOGEN Dermalogy Ocean Feeding Fiber Mask $4.00
A deeply hydrating mask that has a lot of nutritious ocean ingredients such as kelp and squalene. Hmm…my skin has been feeling super dried lately becaue of the stupid winds.

{June} Jini Beauty-8

Berrisom A.C Spot Shot$6.90
Okay, this came at the perfect time because I am breaking out right now. (Curse you biological nature!!) It’s been a while since I’ve broken out so badly so this is giving me a bad feeling of what’s to come in the next few days >< Not going to forgo my usual tretinoin but I will be testing this out on a few spots. This contains tea tree leaf extract, seaweed, arbutin, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid. I hope it helps!

{June} Jini Beauty-4{June} Jini Beauty-5

The total real value for this month’s box is about $33.30, versus the box’s retail value of $24. Not bad. I actually like and am going to use everything in this month’s box so not a bad box. I’m a happy camper! ^^


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