{UNBOXING} Glossybox May 2016

To the people that are subscribed to multiple boxes, how do you use all the products they send you?! I am running out of drawer space to store all the stuff I’ve been getting lol.

Anyways~ here’s what I got in my May Glossybox~^^

{May} Glossybox

The product card~

{May} Glossybox-7

Rituals Cosmetics Shower Foam in Zensation$3.58
Smells flowery~ I like it. The bottle looks like dry shampoo. If I didn’t read the label, I would have assumed it to be haha.

{May} Glossybox-4

Talika Photo-Hydra Day$29
This is a thin, lightweight lotion that dries/absorbs into the skin really fast. I only tried it on the back of my hand but so far it hasn’t left any sticky feeling. Actually, it feels like it’s not even there! I might actually start patch-testing this immediately since it contains hyaluronic acid and my face really needs it asap right now~^^

{May} Glossybox-3

Benefit Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara$8
Another mascara…I have so many of these I seriously have no idea what to do with them x_x (I feel like I’ll never need to buy mascara again in my life) Honestly though, they’re like all the same to me lol. Not one of them really stands out from the rest. This one is no different.

{May} Glossybox-6

Adore Cellmax Elite Facial Serum$220.57
First off, HOLY CRAP THIS IS EXPENSIVE O.O Full size 1.7 fl.oz retails at $749.95. Is this made from unicorn tears or something?! Why is it so expensive?? But anyways, the consistency is kind of in between gel and cream. It feels very velvety and soft after applying it. Smells like a newborn baby lol. Will this give me baby soft skin? After all, it’s supposed to be “age-defying” and restoring youthfulness lol. When will I ever get to try such high-end product again~

{May} Glossybox-2

Nioxin 3 Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Conditioner$5.44
Hmm…this might work better for my sister since her hair is pretty fine and this is more for fine hair.

{May} Glossybox-5

This box isn’t bad~ value wise, it’s pretty high~ taking out the freaking serum outlier, this month’s box has a real value of 46.02! Product wise, I’ll be using 3/5 items given so it’s not bad~ (really excited to test out the moisturizer and serum!)


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