{UNBOXING} Jini Beauty May 2016

So…initially I was subscribed to jini beauty on a 3-mos prepaid subscription. I didn’t know they auto renewed so…I have another 3-mos witwh this sub ^^;; I am a little upset since I’m trying to cut back and save money but oh wells. It’s not like I haven’t been enjoying this box. ^^

This is the oil/acne box. ^^ This month’s items~

{May} Jini Beauty

The product card –

{May} Jini Beauty-7

Etude House Skin Note Deep Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask for Pore Tightening$3.30
Hydrogen masks are still a new thing to me. I’m not used to the gelliness hehe. This mask is targeted for tightening pores. Just gonna toss this with the rest of my collection and get to it another day.

{May} Jini Beauty-5

Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Aqua Essence$3
I’ve actually received this before in a previous beauteque bag. I generally like it. ^^ It smells good but not too strong. It’s supposed to lock in moisture, strengthen hair cuticles for silky shine, and help untangle hair but I don’t know. I’m pretty inadequate when it comes to evaluating stuff like this. I never know if it’s really doing all these things unless it’s a vast difference. I will say that it does a good job untangling my hair after a shower though~ I’m about halfway through my first bottle so it’s nice to have this back up for when I’m out ^^

{May} Jini Beauty-3

Etude House Darling Plus Repairing Facial Freshener$1.05
Super excited to test this out after reading that niacinamide is one of the ingredients! (I’m only briefly familiar with this acid after lurking around the ab subriddit.) This is a toner but feels more like an essence. Contains 65% snail secretion so it’s kind of thick and gooey but it spreads and absorbs cleanly into the skin, leaving no stickiness.

{May} Jini Beauty-2

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Cream$15
A pH rebalancing cream~ this is foil sealed so I’ll break it when I’m ready to try it out.

{May} Jini Beauty-4

Zymogen Houttuynia Cordata Ferment Soap$10
Not sure how I feel about receiving this. It seems like a pretty organic cleanser but being in a soap bar form makes me wary. Though the product card does suggest that I cut the bar up into smaller pieces for easier use. This is supposed to minimize sebum and treat pimples…hmm…maybe I’ll give it a try after I test out my new sulwhasoo cleanser…

{May} Jini Beauty-6

I really like this box~I’m more into skin care so I’m pretty happy to be receiving a box that is 4/5 skincare items! ^^ This box has a real value of $29.35~ it’s solid. Not an incredible value considering the box costs about $23 but I’m satisfied~! ^^


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