A Weekend Getaway

My sister and I (well it was more me dragging my sister along) decided to take a spontaneous trip to NYC to go on a foodie adventure. Took a red eye flight on Delta and arrived in NYC around 6am-ish. We slept most of the time so it was an uneventful flight.

Since we traveled as light as possible (a backpack each), we got out of the airport rather quickly. This was my second time in NYC so I kind of had an idea of where to go. We took the subway into the city to go to this bagel place for breakfast. Took us about an hour to get there from the airport.

Got a smoked salmon bagel from Best Bagel and Coffee. Then headed over to Starbucks for some hot drinks to warm ourselves up.

160206 New York-1

After our quick breakfast, we headed over to the Statute of Liberty. The direct subway train there was down so we had to get off at another station to take a shuttle there.

We didn’t get our tickets in advance because the website was sold out for all of February already. Who knew you had to book weeks in advance? Anyways,when we got to the bus shuttle stop, there was someone there pushing the ticket sales. She was super aggressive, saying tickets wouldn’t be sold at the location. I believed her since I didn’t really didn’t know and paid like $50 for two tickets. Well, when we got there, there was a ton of scalpers (?) selling tickets. They were all for different cruises/tours. The tickets we had were for some shady cruise that was practically on the other side of the park from the official cruise/tour port. I didn’t feel good about it, so we just ended up tossing it and buying a pair of regular tickets from the official box office. There weren’t that many people there since it was still early (around 9/10am?).

Anyways, the tour included a stop at Liberty island and then Ellis island. We spent more time on this tour than expected and it was cold as fuck. My fault for going in the beginning of February. But at least the weather was sunny and it wasn’t raining/snowing. Small victories. Still…cold as fuck. Never doing this again lol.

160206 New York-2160206 New York-4160206 New York-6

At Ellis island. To be honest, it was kind of boring. Could have done without stopping here.

160206 New York-15

160206 New York-16160206 New York-17160206 New York-18

There were these model buildings that were on display that showed the evolution of how Ellis island evolved. I thought they were pretty cute.

160206 New York-19160206 New York-20160206 New York-21160206 New York-22

After the tour we went to 99 Flavor to eat hotpot! Unfortunately, there was a 45 minute water so we decided to use our time wisely and go to this ice cream place my sister wanted to go.

Ironically, we ended up waiting almost an hour at 10below for the ice cream. Why are so many people eating ice cream when it’s so freaking cold?!

160206 New York-35

But this is some legit stuff. Rolled ice cream from Thailand. Got strawberry shawty and it was so yummy! Wish the weather was better to enjoy this treat. It was too cold, I couldn’t even bear to hold the cup. The good thing though was that it barely melted on our 15 minute trek back to the restaurant ^^

After dinner, we walked around Chinatown a bit and then headed to our hotel. Rested up a bit before heading out for pizza!

160206 New York-23

It was only 8ish? And we were ready to crash. Only ate about half the stuff we got before going to sleep.

The next morning, we went to Times Square for a bit before checking out and heading to the airport.

160206 New York-24160206 New York-25160206 New York-27160206 New York-28160206 New York-29160206 New York-30160206 New York-31

After Times Square, we headed back to the hotel to grab our stuff and then went to the airport. There, we got Shake Shack as our last meal before boarding the plane. Oh my god that stuff is so good!! A little upset that we got it last. But good news is that they finally opened a Shake Shack here on the west coast! (In LA in fact so I’m super excited when we go at the end of the month!)

The flight back sucked. Halfway through the flight, my entertainment system tv thing broke. It just froze so I pushed the call button to see if I could get a flight attendant to reset it for me. But guess what? I was pretty much ignored. I don’t know what the heck the crew was doing but they obviously wasn’t attending to anyone’s calls. Throughout the flight, I kept hearing this tiny popping noise, like the sound of a light bulb burning out. Turns out it was the call button turning off. People would push the call button and no attendant would come by so it would just turn off by itself after 5-10 minutes. We finally got it fixed when they started coming around an hour before the flight was going to land. Delta sucks so much.

Overall, the trip was fun but tiring. Never ever gonna do a weekend trip like this again. Need at least a 3-day or 4-day weekend if I’m planning another out of state trip.


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