{Travel Diary} Seoul, South Korea (Oct. 2015)

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve last step foot into the country I consider my second home (not counting my layover back in Aug.) It hasn’t been long but it felt like it’s been forever. This vacation has been in the plans since March so I was super excited that it was finally here. I was traveling with my sister and it’ll be her first time leaving the country so I was even more excited to show her around Seoul.

This was the start of our Asia trip! First stop: Seoul, South Korea. We flew Korean Air and it was pretty good. We boarded about 15 minutes later than the scheduled time but still managed to depart on time. This was something I noticed about Korean airlines (Korean Air & Asiana) – they get through the boarding process really fast.

The flight in general was alright. There weren’t that many good movies so I slept most of the time. What I did like about Korean Air is that they gave each passenger a bottle of water in addition to the pillow and blanket, which I thought was pretty nice. (^▽^) (If I had known, I wouldn’t have bought those water bottles at the airport ><)

Landed at 6pm and took the subway to our airbnb since it was just in Hongdae. We rented this studio/apartment for the week we were staying in Korea and I loved the place! It was so cute and comfy and the location was amazing! It was situated right across the street from Hongik station, exit 9 (the most popular meeting spot exit). Since Hongdae is pretty much like a university town/party area, the noise level was pretty crazy with the constant chatter and music. However since we were on the 18th floor, it was kind of like dull background noise. It didn’t bother us much nor keep us awake. I’d definitely recommend this place! (Check out the listing here! Joon was an amazing host!)

(I actually took more video than pictures this time around. Wanted to try something new. I’ll link the video to this post later if I ever get around to editing it)

Dinner on the first night in Hongdae: Pork soup and rice! (돼지국밥)


DAY 1 ▬ because of the jetlag both my sister and I woke up a couple times during the night. Ended up really getting up at 7am the next day and just decided to just go out early. Headed to Myeongdong first to get a drink and exchange money. After we did that we got breakfast at this cold-noodle place I like.


Spicy cold-noodles (비빔냉명)

After breakfast, we went to N Seoul/Namsan tower. Being directionally challenged, I got us lost a bit. Ended up walking up to the cable cars instead of taking the street elevator lol oops. I’ve been to that tower so many times yet I get lost every single time ( ´△`);;

N Seoul Tower 06

the view from the observation tower
the view from the observation tower

N Seoul Tower 04 N Seoul Tower 03 N Seoul Tower 02 N Seoul Tower 01

After the tower, we went shopping!! Got make up, sheet masks, and skin care products heuheu~ For my haul post, click here~!

Day 2 ▬ Woke up early again. Decided to go check out the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae. Since I rarely went to Hongdae when I was living in Seoul, I didn’t realize that nothing is really open until 11am. (Makes sense actually considering most of these places are open until 2-6am) Since the cafe didn’t open until 10:30am, my sister and I had about an hour to kill so we just walked around the area looking for the dumplings place she wanted to go to. We were going to get dumplings for breakfast but it turns out the place doesn’t even open until 11am! Aiyyyy!! So we ended up just doing nothing.

After getting desserts in the morning, we walked from Hongdae to Edae to meet up with my friend for lunch. It was the first time I did this (walk as opposed to taking the subway) and it was interesting. (And further than I thought!)

After lunch, my sister and I headed to Apgujeong to go to the JYP building. It’s not as nice as SM…


Spent forever trying to find the Cube Studio cafe (I couldn’t read the map to save my life!) Turns out it was literally right around the corner lol. There were too many people in the cafe so I just took a few pictures outside and left to our next destination (。・・。)

Cube Studio Cafe 01 Cube Studio Cafe 02

We hopped onto a bus to Sinsa to go to this cafe I’ve been wanting to visit since forever. They have these cute potted plant desserts that would have made for gorgeous pictures~!

Got an espresso flavored one + a pink lemonade. It was pretty good~ my sister was not as impressed. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

Banana Tree 01 Banana Tree 02

Today was just an eating day because after Banana Tree, we headed over to Remicone for their infamous thunder bomb! It was only a few blocks away so why not? Besides, it was already on my list of places to hit up anyways so might as well since we were in the area.

Remicone was a cute little place but I felt like its a tourist trap considering most of the customers there were foreigners. Oh wells. (On a side note, there’s another Remicone located at the COEX mall. It’s right outside the subway station Line 2 exit 5 or 6 I think? Can’t remember. It’s nearby SMTOWN Artium. I suggest going to that one instead since it’s not as crowded.)

Got the thunder bomb since the little thunder bolt was too cute to resist. Other than the presentation, everything else was meh. The cotton candy tasted strange and the ice cream was…meh. This was just good for pictures.


Day 3 ▬ that day was the first time I ever went to Lotte World (I always skipped out on the field trips to Lotte World for my ahem fangirl excursions instead). Lotte world was alright. I’m not a big fan of amusement parks (Disneyland is the exception!) so yup. Just did whatever my sister wanted to do.

After spending majority of the day at Lotte World, we came back to Sinchon for dinner at this kbbq place that is well known for it’s pork belly. Dinner was yummy but I don’t know if it was because the fumes weren’t being sucked up properly or the ventilation sucked in there but I got extremely lightheaded and we had to leave before I passed out. I knocked out so early that night.

Day 4 ▬ Okay to be honest, I cannot remember what we did today. My sister says we went to myeongdong for me to exchange money for China. And we also got this rose yogurt gelato ice cream before doing some more shopping. She also said we went to the COEX mall to go to the SMTOWN Artium store but I think we went on another day…but anyways the point is, I finally got to go to the Artium store. I also went to Stardium and the SM Pop-up store too. And I went crazy spending at each store too. Heh…

(A lot of my food pictures were posted on my instagram. Thought it seemed kind of repetitive to post them here too so please check them out on my instagram~)

This was practically the end to my Korea portion of my trip. Next stop: Shanghai!

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